Great Food. Better Delivery.

Room Service on Wheels (R.S.O.W) was created and developed by Randy DeJohn, a 35 year career in the restaurant business, along with his good friend, Mike Nash. The concept was based on the up and coming trend of "ghost kitchens" (food delivery or curbside pickup only). The model was based on not only providing delicious food, but food that can travel well coupled with friendly customer service. Because the kitchen is located in a densely populated area within downtown Fishers, food delivery was enhanced by adding mopeds, bicycles and gold carts, in addition to autos.

The outdoor patio provided the perfect area for their summer/fall music concert series. It was during the outdoor concerts, over a few home brewed beers, that the desire to expand to a sit-down restaurant & brewery was developed via new friendships with John Jakob & Mike Finnegan. Hence a new partnership for a sit-down restaurant/brewery was created with King Jugg Brewing Company. With the addition of the sit-down restaurant and brewery, 2 additional partners were added: Leslie Halkovich & Aaron Pearlman to help round out the business team.



King Jugg Brewing Company was founded in 2021 by long-time colleagues John Jakob, John Causa and Mike "Finny" Finnegan.

For well over a decade, John Causa and Finny discussed what it would be like to start a brewery. It wasn't until John Jakob with his chemistry background joined the conversation that King Jugg Brewing Company was born.

King Jugg Brewing Company combines over 20 years of brewing experience (and thousands of beers "tested" all across he country) with the style and passion that can only be personified by King Jugg himself.


Great Food

Better Delivery

Great Food, Better Delivery

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